Cry to the Heavens

Perhaps we are but a larval being

Caterpillar to flutterby

One day to fly free

Uncaring of gusts and eddies

Leaving behind a fragile husk


Perhaps the Maker calls all souls home

Spiritual beings having had

Bodily experiences

To know each other in different ways

To return into communal forgiveness


Perhaps the church god sits in judgement

Each of us unworthy imperfection

All having disobeyed unclear messages

That a Perfect Being could have clarified easily

Stopped killing in His name

Stopped the voices screaming “It’s His Will!”

Stopped the spread of poison

Stopped the cancer

Stopped the hurt


This hurt that will





For love lies still beneath starched white sheets

His hand cooling in mine

Dread finality of our living fairytale

(how romantical)

And I, my love, your

(night in a shiny armoire)


Can no longer shield you from the world

As you shielded me

Published by psychoterrierpy

Thoughts and Feelings; Poetry and Prose; Ramblings and Prophecies.

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