Soft twilight of 24/7Coffee scented spotWaiting forever in two minutes heWalks in smiling Brief, familiar hug Kind eyes, serious face, quick smile, smooth skin, taut muscleSummary of a glance. Words lost in the din around us Laughter and loud conversationKnives on plates, glass to floor, wine to cupScents, incensed, swirling Dance of the servers between …

Jun’s Poem

分かってるかな? 分かって欲しい。 貴方が思ってるより僕は貴方の事が好きす。大好きです。そんな僕の心を分かってるかな? 貴方の写真を見る度に貴方のこと思い出し、そして 僕は何時の間にか幸せになってます。貴方は何時も僕を笑わせてます。嬉しいです。 乗り越えたいです。 乗り越えない❓僕と一緒にに乗り越えましょう、言葉や文化の違い、お互い好きなら絶対出来るでしょね。貴方が嘘では無いなら僕は貴方を信じ、二人一緒なら何処でも行きたい。僕は行ける。僕は貴方を信じたいです。信じます。 I love you Rob ———————————————————- Do you understand? I want you to understand. I like you more than you think. I love you. Do you understand such mind of me? Every time I see your picture I remember you and I will be happy for a while. You …

Had You Let Me Love You

Had you let me love youI would’ve been home by now,Cooking you something light and quickLaughing on something we had seen in passing Oyster sauce, my bad chopstick techniqueCrumb at your lip, tongue tipSweet corn, plum sauce, oyster dip What might have we seen,Walking dogs, talkingLaughter on trails, squirrels stalkingMisspoken words, gentle mocking And laughing.Or …


Experiments in faithful Christian formation

The Best Life

Living the best life, one fabulous thing at a time