The smile in the photograph promises mischief and fun. The smile goes right to his eyes and beyond.

I have looked at that photo on and off, but today I feel brave and say hello. There are messages, some strangely worded, but with a sense of adventure.

“Do you want to meet?”


“I don’t speak English.”

What the hell, neither can most of the guys on this app, their short-form words, codes, statistics. Pretty pictures made less by lack of soul. No message, other than physical.

My heart sings at the site of you smiling at me. Your English is better than you know: “I am AN accountant.”

Is this not how the world should be? People learning about each other. Learning to communicate. Laughing.  Encouraging each other.

If you and I ruled the world, it would be a different place. Afternoons of laughter and nights full of lullabies.

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Thoughts and Feelings; Poetry and Prose; Ramblings and Prophecies.

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