In the Cathedral: Images & Confessions

Prelude I recently found back something I thought lost for ten years – a collection of poems from my youth, paper copies of my earliest work, when ideas and imagination went merrily unchecked, until at some point they were fewer and fewer between. My brother had scrapped my ancient computer for me, and drilled holes […]

Shopping: A rant.

I work with people living with addictions and mental health issues. Sometimes they cannot manage their behaviours because of this, and I do my best to diffuse the situation to work with them to find solutions. It’s tough, especially right now. I’m on planned ‘staycation’ this week (I was supposed to be visiting Korea) and […]


I hit snooze And move close This here this now Perfection Warm in your arms Safe in your heart Doggies sigh with puppy dreams drowning All of us knowing that this day will start Not knowing what strife may strike Uncertainty, upset, unrest The news will bring over coffee Business over breakfast Rushing out Hair […]

First Impressions 

His pic -three-quarter view – Studies seriously something off-camera A kind face with a few curls struggling free of product and placement   His profile – Three quarter paragraphs – Speaks simply, stirring within: Approachable, articulate, artistic Three reads through I say hello   He’s standing Uncaring of a crowd around him, they diverge around […]


Experiments in faithful Christian formation

The Best Life

Living the best life, one fabulous thing at a time