One year left

So what if you had one year left to live, and then would ‘time out’ a la Justin Timberlake’s, “In Time”?

Would you live your life any differently than you are right now?  Would you be depressed that it was all going to be over; would you suddenly regret all the time you wasted; or would you be relieved that it would be over soon enough?  Would you even care, or simply go “meh, we go when we go”?

One year left to make your mark, make a change, and/or take a stand. Or not.

Is your paperwork in order; your dependents’ futures secured; or will they have to be taken care of in the aftermath?  Would you work harder or less…keeping in mind, you will still need a year’s worth of support at least.

What would matter?  What wouldn’t?

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Thoughts and Feelings; Poetry and Prose; Ramblings and Prophecies.

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